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What is Progressive Die Stamping?
Progressive Die Stamping is a metal stamping process used to cut and form raw sheets of metal using a stamping die. It comprises several individual workstations which perform one or more operations on that part. The progressive die can perform various actions like cutting, coining, punching, bending, lancing, shaving, extruding, drawing and embossing, etc.
As the name suggests, progressive die stamping encompasses many progressive steps where the raw material is pressed simultaneously and sequentially in an automatic feeding system. Each step is built on the previous step until the desired shape is achieved. All these steps have the same basic setup with some possible variations.

Progressive Die Stamping vs Transfer Die Stamping
Progressive die stamping is similar to transfer die stamping with some differences in the working nature. In case of transfer die stamping, the part is transferred from one station to another by a mechanical transport system. It is typically used for producing large parts like tube applications, frames, shells, and structural components. Whereas, progressive die metal stamping is ideal for larger volume production of smaller parts.

Key Advantages of Progressive Die Stamping

  • Increased Speed
  • Reduction of Scrap
  • Complex Geometrics
  • Faster Setup
  • Lower Part Cost

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