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What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machining is a manufacturing process used to produce products, parts, and designs by removing layers from a workpiece. There are several types of machining that include the use of a power driven set of machining tools to chip, cut, and grind to alter a workpiece to meet specific requirements. Metal fasteners, costume jewelry, toys, and hand tools are all formed using the machining process. There are times when a finished part needs a touch up to meet quality standards or manufacturing requirements. In those instances, it may need to be machined to give it the proper appearance.

How does CNC Machining Work?

In modern product development, machining requires using a Computer Numeric Control or CNC machine. A CNC machine uses computer software to take CAD design models and map out toolpaths, turning the designs into 3D machined parts. It can create parts from a variety of materials, in varying finishes, with tolerances to the nearest .001”. Unlike rapid prototyping, machined parts use real materials reflecting the end product’s density, finish, and porosity. Machined parts are used for representative testing, models including sliding components where friction is a factor, and sealed components requiring 0 rings and gasketed surfaces.

What are some Advantages of Machining?                                     

  • Choice of a variety of finishes and materials 
  • Tighter tolerances down to .001″
  • Real materials that have real densities

What are some Disadvantages of Machining?

  • Only works from one side at a time. The object needs to be turned and repositioned manually
  • Requires a skilled machinist
  • Materials and time to machine can be expensive

Types of CNC Machining Operations

Once your understanding of the CNC machining process is complete, you may proceed to what exactly you can do with workpieces. Machining operations and CNC centers’ ways of working are numerous. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Milling. A rotary cutting tool comes into contact with a material, removing tiny chips from it. Subtypes are end milling, chamfer milling, face milling, boring, tapping, etc.
  • Turning. A cylindrical workpiece is being rotated while a fixed cutting tool removes material from it. It is a working principle of CNC turning centers and lathes.
  • Routing. A rotary cutting tool removes pieces of material from a workpiece’s surface. It is similar to the milling process performed over softer materials only.
  • Drilling. Cutting a hole into a workpiece by using a rotary drill bit.
  • Grinding. Removing minor amounts of materials from a workpiece’s surface by using an abrasive wheel.
  • Sawing. Cutting a workpiece into parts with a blade.
  • Polishing and Brushing. Giving a workpiece a smooth finish by using abrasives.

Our Typical CNC Machining Products

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